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Welcome to SATO

About South America Tourism Office (SATO)

The expertise of the South America Tourism Office (SATO) has been built on the advice and experience of locals who have worked in the travel industry for more than two generations.Our staff members were born in the southern continent and or/have traveled extensively through both South and Central America, so they can offer a unique perspective on the diversity of attractions and destinations to be discovered.Our team is familiar with the standards and locations of the hotels we use; we conduct regular inspections on our visits and keep ourselves up-to-date with new properties in different destinations.Our staff members have undertaken many of the tours we recommend and can often provide handy suggestions for travelling.

When you book with us, you can feel confident that our knowledge is based on more than just a guidebook.


We specialise in custom making itineraries so if you can’t find a circuit, tour or program length that fits in with your dates and timeframe, we can construct it for you. Latin America has so many interesting destinations to discover across such a vast area which means a lot of things to consider when travelling; flight schedules, travelling times, when is a good time to travel for the places you want to visit etc.? These questions are best left to the experts and SATO can build creative itineraries from Australia including international and internal flights to figure out the best way to see all your desired destinations and get the most out of your journey.

By travelling independently you will also have more flexibility to tailor your holiday to your needs and preferences. Choose the level of comfort you wish for your accommodation and even how you wish to conduct your tours and transfers.

Our understanding of the places you will be travelling to gives us an added perspective and we will consider many factors when preparing your dream holiday. We will automatically make many suggestions that will make your trip a little more comfortable, e.g. if you will be undertaking long travel times/messy flight connections in getting from one place to another we will suggest breaking this up with an airport hotel in between and won’t schedule a tour on your day of arrival.

In high altitude areas, we structure tours and services in the best format to try and minimize the possible effects this could have on your health.

These small details and suggestions can end up making a big difference on how you enjoy your holiday.