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Phil & Auriol – 07/05/17- TAS

Firstly, the organization for this trip was outstanding. Twenty-four flights, nine countries, innumerable tours, taxis and buses and it all went like clockwork. It didn’t matter if it was 10 o’clock at night or 2am in the morning, somebody was always there to meet us and take us to our next destination.

To all those involved, Congratulations and a huge pat on the back.


Accommodation – Could not be faulted. In many cases it was way above our expectations. Most were ideally located, within easy walking distance of interesting things to see. Everywhere the staff spoke reasonable English (way better than our Spanish!), so we had no problems with communication.

Without exception the breakfasts were incredible. So much delicious food to choose from.


Cuba and Bolivia were highlights for us, but what we did there was more for the adventurous and not recommended for the fainthearted. Cuba is such a poor country and yet the people are so cheerful and helpful. We would advise doing some research into Cuba’s recent history to get the full benefit of this country. La Paz is a wonderful city and we would definitely recommend it to anyone. Riding the Teleferico’s is a great experience. The jungle was amazing – it is real jungle, so be prepared for the unexpected.


Galapagos Islands – Should be on everyone’s to do list. A truly exceptional place. We found the Galapagos Legend the ideal ship for us. Good sized cabins and plenty of spaces to move around. Well organized and catered for. Safety precautions were very good. A certain level of fitness is required to get on and off the Zodiacs and do some of the hikes. Eight days was ideal – we had time to see everything we had hoped to see without doubling up or getting bored.


Mexico – We felt places like Palenque and Chichen Itza rivaled Macchu Picchu as far as archealogical sites with far less tourists. Macchu Picchu is however situated in the most incredibly picturesque valley. Driving some of the roads in Mexico can be an adrenaline hit and an adventure in itself. As Australians, we would give Playa del Carmen and Cancun a miss, we have far better and less crowded beaches here.


So, after nearly ten weeks, we arrived back in Australia intact, healthy and with all our luggage.

A huge thank you to you and all those involved for allowing us to have the most stress free, wonderful and exciting holiday of a lifetime.

Til next time!