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The Wonders of a Peruvian Homestay

Peru is a melting pot of cultures who have found their place in a land of arid plains, tropical forests, and the highest of peaks. With a cultural makeup that is rich and diverse, stemming from the ancient civilisations that inhabited present-day Peru, to the influx of European, African, and Asian populations, Peru has become […]

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Vistas, Valleys and Volcanos: Incredible Nature Experiences in Central America

Once overlooked by travellers for its more westernised neighbour to the north, and for the cultural melting pot that grows gigantically to the south, Central America is now fast becoming a hotbed of tourism for travellers looking to find a more untouched, culturally-intact alternative to their giants on either side. With rich and diverse culture […]

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5 Must Try Foods in Brazil

Brazil is unique in many ways from the language, culture, and food. You would absolutely do yourself a disservice if you didn’t stop and try the local fare while you are vacationing in the biggest country in South America. Barbecue Don’t miss traditional barbecue while down south. Brazilian barbecue is a little different than what […]

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